Port of Rotterdam Tour

The Port of Rotterdam’s history started around 800 years ago. We can’t take you back to the year 1250, but we can show you the biggest port in Europe. Enjoy the history and culture of Amsterdam from the comfort of our car with your private driver. The driver will take you from Rotterdam along some beautiful landscapes in the Netherlands. The destination will be Amsterdam.

From a tiny fishing hamlet to the biggest port in Europe and the most advanced port globally. Take a trip back in time with us via the port area!

Throughout the tour, the driver will tell you information about Amsterdam and Dutch culture, and history, plus fun facts about the capital city of Holland.

Of course, the driver does not know everything, but if you have any questions, you can certainly ask him/her.

Enjoy complete VIP treatment from start to finish.

The story of the Port of Rotterdam

The history of Rotterdam’s port begins somewhere around the year 1250. The village, located along the River Rotte, is called Rotterdam.

This charming harbour village became a real and official city with city rights in 1340.

The port grows along with the city, but it still takes 214 years before the port needs a harbour master.

The first multinational company, the VOC, founded in 1602, ensures that the port of Rotterdam really starts to grow. Twelve years after the start of the VOC, Rotterdam has four more ports. The Leuvehaven, Wijnhaven, Glashaven and Bierhaven are then in business.

To ensure an even better connection between Rotterdam and the North Sea, De Nieuwe Waterweg was built. It was operational in 1872.

As ships became larger and brought more cargo to Rotterdam, the port was further expanded.

The Europoort was built over a period of about six years. This expansion helped make the port of Rotterdam the largest port in the world from 1962 onwards.

The port of Rotterdam can be proud to have held this title until 2004. To this day, the port is the largest in Europe.

The world title has been lost, but its growth continues. In 1973, the Maasvlakte was put into operation.

This area will grow by another 2,000 hectares with the construction of Maasvlakte 2. It will be completed approximately in 2030.







Maritime Museum


Old Harbour


Hotel New York

World Port Center

Cruise Terminal

Witte Huis

Maastunnel gebouw




Coffee, Tea & Food

Routiers Maasvlakte

Paviljoen Stormvogel

De Kogeloven

Brasserie de Rotterdammer

Café Restaurant Courzand

Restaurant De Punt

De Maaskantine

Twenty7 aan de Maas

Stadshaven Brouwerij

Restaurant Prachtig

Restaurant Maas

Café De Ooievaar

De Ballentent

De Watertoren

River Bar


Stieltjens monument


Zeehond op Zuid

The World is yours

Vijf Papieren Boten

De Redder

Heijplaat Monument

Tsaar Peter de Grote

Bakboord / Stuurboord

Vooruitgang, Nijverheid, Handel, Landbouw en Zeevaart




Beeldengroep Scheepvaartkwartier


Windscherm Calandkanaal